1. Donate to the Bucket List

Your support allows us to continue living out this bucket list and working on this documentary as our full-time jobs. To show our appreciation, we want provide exclusive sneak-peaks, videos, and perks to monthly supporters. 

Hopefully we can save Chris, and once we do it's time to begin helping other people battling cancer, like we did here



2. Follow our journey

Having people actively follow and share our journey gives us the motivation to fight past the cancer and keep living life to the fullest. Youtube is where most of our content will be posted, and it's a great way to join us as we cross items off the list.


3. Bone Marrow Donor

Like Chris, thousands of people are looking for a bone marrow donor to save them from their blood disease.

In five minutes, a free cheek-swab kit can be sent to your house to make you an official registrant on the bone marrow registry. If you match with a patient, a simple out-patient procedure for you will save someones life.